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My first try at colorbars~ I'd rather have people upload them to their own space somewhere, but I promise I won't bite if you don't ^^ I tried to make some fitting descriptions, but I kind of suck at that, sorry~ :3

If these are well received, I'll probably make some more in the future ^^

TOTAL: 10 colorbars
[02] Cardcaptor Sakura (General & Syaoran)
[02] Fruits Basket (General & Yuki)
[02] Full Moon wo Sagashite (General & Takuto)
[01] Loveless (Ritsuka)
[01] Naruto (Sasuke)
[01] One Piece (Zoro)
[01] X (Kamui)

Please join or friend the community for more updates ♥
Love the colorbars! Simple but sweet.
First try? They're so cute! Good job on it!
Totally friending the com, and from the looks of it you like Kamui (and your stuff it VERY pretty). Me too, so I took the colorbars to add to my Kamui collection, but how about a "Subaru is eating your face with angst love"? ^-^
Thank you~ I'll see what I can do for Subaru ^^
These are great! :D They're very smooth, in a way, very nice. :) I'll definately friend the comm.

Can I use the Kamui and CCS ones?
Ofcourse you can use them, that's why I posted them here ♥

LOL OMG I'M JUST KIDDING. XDDDDDD i love them. :) They're really pretty!!!! Make more. :D

*gets killed anyway*
I'm going to snag a few! :3 Thanks bunches!!! They're so cute.
These look so nice~ You picked really nice pictures to put on them, too ♥

Taking the CCS one, if you don't mind~ :3
Thank you~ ♥ And go ahead, it's not here for nothing ;)


de rest is ook tof hoor :D!
Yay for the gorgeous colourbars! I'm taking the Furuba one and the Ritsuka one. ^^ Thankees!
These are so incredibly pretty. *awe*
Aww.. they're asome! Taking Kamui one :3
These are beautiful! Taking Furuba, Ritsuka, Sasuke and Kamui. ^^
WOW!!!! Pretties!! Taking the last one!! Kamui is LOVE!
Whoa~ Gorgeous!! *_*
Taking some! =D
cute. :D snagging syaoran.
Snaged ccs and yuki. These are very awesome for your first time!
I snagged the Ritsuka one! <333
gorgeous colorbars ♥
I'm snagging your ritsuka one! ~
These are so pretty~ ♥ I took three!
omg they're lovely, i probably take the furuba one :D
OMG, taking the Sasuke one, but I love them all! ♥ ♥ ♥
Taking a whole bunch. Thanks~! :DD
Taking Ritsuka and Syaoran, thanks!
OH my/... your works are really goooooooood.
I loved it. definitely. XS
Just found this. ^__^
Very good job, expecially for a first try!
I take the Kamui and Ritsuka one. ♥
Took the Sasuke colourbar; will be sure to credit! ♥ All of them look great, though!
Taking Sasuke and Yuki ones, they're awesome !
They're beautiful! i'm taking the Ritsuka one, thank you very much!
I'll take the Ritsuka one ^^
Thank you ^-^
These are all really well made. <3 I'm taking the Yuki one!
i'm taking the Zoro one x3
Snagging the Zoro one. Will credit! ^_^
will take the ccs...

maybe the others...
can I ??
will credit !!!
So cute~ ♥
I like this website but it's not sailormoonforum.com. I can't believe Jadeite2 is just going to get away with what he's done to me and those two. His definition of Insubordination is someone who has done things that you just don't like or things not done your way. What you may get in the dictionary would sound like this "the act of a subordinate deliberately disobeying a lawful order from someone in charge of them." He is not incharge when he makes someone else waste their time writing 50 paragraphs in less then 24 hours. I don't know what the world record is, but no one is keeping score there. Today is Thursday but on Sunday, I would like to be let back on the forum because I read Elizames last post http://www.sailormoonforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12205&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30, saying that she would love to see the Senti Movie but I'm afraid your going to have to be the one to tell her that I said that it ain't going to be seen on any screen unless I have membership on sailormoonforum.com.

Look, when I joined sailormoonforum.com I just wanted to be apart of a community and then Lance PMd me and told me what you where doing to him, and he was mad. He also explained why he uses proxy servers, but your going to contact me here in order for me to tell you what he told me because I don't think it would be good for him if it was said publicly.
So gorgeous. Shall take and credit.<3