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Hey guys~ I'm still here, just haven't been iconing lately (again). In any case, I recently tried to color some manga panels, and instead of just letting them sit on my harddrive, I figured I might as well share them here to liven up the place somewhat!

Full view? | Original image

Series: ALMIGHTYx10 by Mizuto Aqua
Characters: Jyuu (Tohga) & Ounomiya Ten
Comments: I did this around August, when I got into the series. I was crazy enough to select all the screentones in their hair and skin with the pen tool haha. I didn't do any shading/highlighting for the rest, because I'm not really confident about that.

Full view? | Original image

Series: +Anima by Mukai Natsumi
Character: Husky
Comments: I started this one on Monday and finished it yesterday. I actually did some shading here, I just added them randomly where I thought they should be, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not correct. You can also see I was sloppy in the end and forgot some places xD I wanted to give it this "watery" feeling, but didn't know how to pull it off, so I just left it as it was.

I'd prefer it if they weren't used to make any graphics or icons, but if you do, please atleast credit me.
Oooh pretty!! *_*
Thank you~!! ♥
jkdsaljs *A*!!!

I absolutely loved how you color. They're both so pretty-- I especially love the soft shading you did on Husky. ♥
Thank you! In the past I wasn't such a fan of soft shading, but nowadays I like it, and I guess it's a more subtle way to hide my mistakes hahaha~
Huskyyy♥ Ziet er mooi uit, hoor Wenwen :3!
Sankyuu~ :D Moet nog steeds werken aan shading enzo (denk niet dat ik het ooit helemaal onder de knie krijg), maar ik moet zeggen dat ik best tevreden was met Husky ^^
That is so pretty :)
that's cute !!!
love them !!!

what item you use for coloring this pic ??
it's nice !!